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Ensuring you buy with confidence and sell with success

I find neighbourhoods for families, help newcomers get to know their new communities, and help seniors downsize or say good-bye to a beloved family home. If you share your connection with me to your property, and tell me what your needs are, I will listen and help you take that next step, whether you’re buying or selling. I can help you buy with confidence and sell with success.

When I was a child my Mom, whose hobby was carpentry, built me a round two-storey dollhouse that took up a quarter of my bedroom. I don't remember the dolls or the furniture, but I remember the rooms - I dreamed about all the possibilities for those rooms. Today when I enter a house I still see possibilities - possibilities for a first time home buyer to grow into their new home, possibilities for children to play, possibilities for pets to sit on a windowsill or chase a ball in the many possibilities. I see possibilities for the neighbourhood - local cafes, schools, libraries, events and activities. When the connection is there between the individual(s), the house and the neighbourhood, it's like magic!

Dollhouse 2021_edited.jpg

A visit to Mom's attic in 2021 - the dollhouse is still there and the wallpaper is still on most of the walls! This house is NOT for sale!!

I have worked with both buyers and sellers, representing my clients in the purchase or sale of single family homes, small apartment buildings, condominiums, cottages, vacant land and businesses. I have had many interesting experiences in my 20+ years of real estate - from poison wells and missing septic tanks, damaged sewer lines and high radon gas readings, to moldy attics, asbestos or impossible-to-find property lines! I love putting that experience to work for new clients whether they are just starting out, building a portfolio, or downsizing.

I pride myself on always taking the time to outline the steps, paperwork, options, and strategies to my clients. My network is huge and that is also a bonus for clients - I can help connect you to mortgage brokers, real estate lawyers, building inspectors, water testers, septic or sewer inspectors, contractors, and more.


Why choose to work with me?

Experience  |  Communication  |  Trust  |  Availability

My experience works for you when you choose to have me represent you. Whether you are here in person for viewings or you prefer or require virtual viewings, I can accommodate. I will listen to your needs and help you find a real estate match, be it a buyer for your property, or a new home to purchase. I'll make sure you are aware of all the steps to buying or selling a home: from whether to leave the photos of great-aunt Mathilda on the mantlepiece, to when to fill the oil tank before the closing date.


I put my clients first. From the time of our first meeting, we will communicate regularly - whether by phone, email, text or whatever method you prefer!  I will keep you updated on viewings and feedback if you are a seller, and I'll be looking daily for properties that fit your specifications if you are a buyer. Here's what some of my clients have said about working with me: 

Your real estate business is my business and I will protect your interests as fiercely as if they were my own.


I will be there when you need me. If you are coming in from outside the city and have limited time to search for a home, I'll block my calendar for you. If someone emails or calls with questions about your property, I'll respond in the quickest time frame possible.


Let's get started! I look forward to helping you buy with confidence and sell with success!

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