Working with a REALTOR® helps you to protect your investment by ensuring you get the best deal possible for your home. As your REALTOR®, I will outline the number of sales, prices that comparable properties sold for, and their average length of time on the market.  Knowing what is for sale and what has sold recently will help assign the proper listing price for your home to ensure you're listed at a current market value.





There are many ways to promote your property today including MLS, the internet, TV, newspapers and print media, open houses, and so on. I will find ways to promote your house and entice other REALTORS®  and potential buyers to visit it. Working together we'll assess your home to prepare it to show well in photos and during viewings. Your interests will become my interests as I work to negotiate the best possible terms for you in the sale of your home, through conversations and contract negotiations with other REALTORS® and potential buyers.  

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There are a few costs that a seller will pay when selling their home. Generally, the seller will pay to migrate their home which means paying to register it under the Land Registration Act. This is done by a lawyer so you may wish to ask in advance what your lawyer will charge to do this.


Harmonized Sales Tax (HST) is sometimes added to property sales.  A discussion with your lawyer will clarify whether or not you must collect HST on the sale of your property.  In general, a home that the seller has lived in will be exempt from HST.

If your home has an oil or propane tank, a day or two before the closing date, the seller generally pays to fill the tank(s) and provides proof of payment to the lawyer. The lawyer will charge the buyer for the full tank of oil and/or propane and remit to the seller unless otherwise negotiated in the Agreement of Purchase and Sale. Similarly, interest, taxes, etc that were prepaid by the seller to cover the period after the closing date will be charged to the buyer by your lawyer.


Your lawyer and your real estate Brokerage, both of whom are providing you with services, will also charge you for their services, and most of those services will have HST added to them.


Any repairs or upgrades that are agreed upon during the negotiation phase of the sale will need to be paid for prior to the closing date as well.  The buyer will want to ensure that things have been completed as agreed prior to paying for the property and will do a pre-closing viewing to inspect the property on or around the closing date.


Moving costs, change of address notices, and other related expenses should not be forgotten when planning.