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Neighbourhood profile - Lower Sackville

Lower Sackville, and not far beyond that, Middle Sackville, offer homes in a vibrant community with all amenities. When there is no traffic, the trip to downtown Halifax takes about 20 minutes but that can be longer in rush hour. Lakes and trails, a community fitness centre and the Cobequid Community Health Centre - a small hospital - ensure that you don't need to leave your community to find everything you need!

Latest real estate statistics

Lower Sackville is real estate Area 25. Not all of Middle Sackville is included in this area so those homes would not be included in the following numbers. Here's what happened over the last year in Lower Sackville:

Lower Sackville homes sold 2021.jpg

Things to do in Lower Sackville

This link will take you to some more information on things to do in Lower Sackville:

This link will orient you on some trails if hiking is of interest:

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