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Neighbourhood profile - Dartmouth

Dartmouth is a popular area to live for those commuting to work in downtown Dartmouth. It offers easy access to the downtown via ferry or bridge. Dartmouth has many lakes and is often referred to as the "City of Lakes". In summer there are many places to swim, including both lake beaches and nearby ocean beaches like Rainbow Haven Beach and Lawrencetown Beach. In the winter, often skaters can take advantage of these lakes for skating and hockey. In the heart of Dartmouth sits Brightwood Golf Club.

Dartmouth has both boutique shops in its downtown core, close to the ferry terminal, as well as big box stores housed in an area known as Dartmouth Crossing. There are many parks including Birch Cove Park, and Shubie Park within walking distance of Dartmouth's downtown.

Latest real estate statistics

The central part of Dartmouth includes real estate Areas 10, 12, and 13. Here's what happened over the last year:

Dartmouth homes 2023.png

Here's how things have changed in the past two years with the same data from 2021:

Dartmouth homes sold 2021.jpg

Here are a few scenes from around Dartmouth:

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