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Neighbourhood profile - Cole Harbour

Cole Harbour is considered a separate part of Dartmouth, and it sits a little farther away from downtown. There are two rather distinct parts of Cole Harbour - Forest Hills, also often just called Cole Harbour, and Colby Village. Both are wonderful areas to live in and they sit on either side of the Cole Harbour Road which is lined with grocery stores, restaurants, banks, and other services. The large Cole Harbour Place offers a library, swimming pool, gym, and skating rink. Regular buses run in every direction and the airport is a quick drive from Cole Harbour. The Cole Harbour Heritage Farm Museum is a little piece of nature and history sitting right in the city! There are also many trails throughout Cole Harbour allowing one to walk for hours between neighbourhoods, around lakes and through the trees, or to walk or cycle the popular Salt Marsh Trail.

Latest real estate statistics

Cole Harbour includes real estate areas 15 (Forest Hills) and 16 (Colby Village). Here are the statistics from Cole Harbour in 2023:

Cole Harbour Homes sold 2023.png

Here's how things have changed in the past two years with the same data from 2021:

Cole Harbour Homes sold 2021.png

Cole Harbour Place

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